Welcome to our German Shepherd Paradise.

The breeding "vom Nagler See" is just a hobby breeding with only 1-2 litters per year.

The love for German Shepherds - for me the perfect breed of dogs - was awaked in my childhood by our former shepherd "Roland".
Because I was the only child, he was my best friend and my playmate.

1979 I bought my first female, and joined the SV. Since then, I was an enthusiastic "Hundlerin"

In August 1981 the kennel name "vom Nagler See" was officially registered at the SV and in 1984 I breed my first litter.

Because of job-related changes I could no longer care about the dogs and I spent almost 20 years without shepherd dogs.

Since 2004 I'm active in the dog scene again and because my dogs are second to none I also train them myself.

At this point I would like to thank Mr Paul Graf - German Shepherds "von der Rangauhöhe" - Thanks!
Finding connections to the dog scene after such a long time became much easier for me with the help of Paul.

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